2019-11 Contact Improvisation with Karl Frost

November 2-3: Contact Improvisation with Karl Frost

An open-level, technique-focused workshop

At Etage Leipzig (Lützner Straße 29) (12:00 – 18:00 Sat/Sun)

We’ll explore the mechanics and possibilities of interdependent movement. While contact improvisation is an open-ended investigation of movement through physical contact, there is a central reference … the classic contact duet of mutual off-balance and following.

We will explore the “outer” technique of movement pathways and expanding lift vocabulary and the “inner” techniques of moment-to-moment dynamic and adaptive functional awareness and alignment. We’ll work with soft off-balance as a way to connect, and both surrender and receive control, creating inviting structures for our partners to move on and listening for the support that is available.

A mix of subtle investigations and athletic

Some mind work, some body work, and a good amount of sweat.

Fees: 120-160 euros sliding scale, with early registration starting at 80 euros.
Workshop in English

See www.bodyresearch.org for details and registration

Bio: Karl Frost (California) has been teaching contact improvisation and related investigations since the late 1980s and has shared his work in over 25 countries. He began his movement explorations in martial arts as a teenager, before expanding to somatics, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, and physical theater. His performance work, via his company, Body Research Physical Theater, explores postdramatic works rooted in somatic psychology and paratheatrical exploration exploring audience agency. He has an MFA in Dramatic Arts and a PhD in Ecology and works as a research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Human Behavior, Ecology, and Culture.