2022 Alessandro Rivellino Dancing Wholeness

Dancing Wholeness – Contact Improvisation workshop with Alessandro Rivellino (Brasil)

A contact improvisation workshop by Alessandro Rivellino:

The thing is how to remember what we don’t know. Ancient people said that what manifests already exists in the Dream.

The invitation is to assume this part of life, that each of us are, and meet for dancing.

How to offer a workshop where the dance is the master? We will share some guidance, in a way, bring alternatives, present material where the refreshed ongoing inspiration can tell us more. It is possible to invite ways, but to feel it, fully and completely… How to teach that?

I invite us to bring our wholeness for the practice. Some people talk about weight, we can understand it as a force, let’s say, the relationship of the mass with gravity, so it is a relation, a meeting, like everything else. Physics says that the field tells the particles how to move, so we intend to open the field for dance to happen. Somatic cells, open senses, falling flying.

It is the same body who ate the breakfast that will be bowing to the floor before the practice starts? But then, something happens.

Breath, flow, adventure, inner space, outer world. Enjoy, take care, forget what is already past, take yourself by the hand and let your feet come out of the social body, come to dancer body, synesthetic ways of learning and unlearning. One is more than one, two are more than two.

I want to be with your bones, fascia, fascination, skin; we develop from there.

Villa Leipzig, großer Saal
Lessingstr. 7, 04109 Leipzig

Workshop mit

Saturday, 27th of August
15:00 – 19:30 + Jam 20:00-22:30
Sunday, 28th of August
15:00 – 18:00
(morning session for Sunday will be settled on Saturday)

45-90€ (Jam inklusive)

Anmeldung bei matthias.heil@posteo.de