2023 Anjelika Doniy – Spiral body trajectories

CI-Workshop «Spiral body trajectories»

We are very happy to welcome Anjelika Doniy in Leipzig!


All practice in this workshop is about giving care to the body and receiving secrets of movement and self-expression in exchange.
Several ways to develop our dance, to make it “advanced”:

Coordination between the center of the body and its extremities, awareness of the body in its wholeness
• Integration of spiral movements into our dance, using three-dimensional, multilayered, constantly changing space around us
• Conscious interest in upside-down positions. Including the “space behind” into the dance
• Relaxation, letting go of tensions in the body. Understanding the tone of the body, capacity to flow over, pour, move the body as WEIGHT
• Practice of “small dance”
• Interest in the meaning and application of the point of contact
• Including composition and improvisation into the dance

I will take one of those ways as my main focus: developing the vision of myself as a 3-dimensional moving spiral body.
It is not only the physical body, but also it is about the space around me, that I—consciously or not—rotate, turn, roll out. It is also the body of my partner whom I involve in my play, into my movement, to whom I show the way, from whom I learn the way.
It is also a group, “jamming” involvement into movement taking shapes of acts of nature, such as a vortex, tornado, snail house, grape tendrils grasping support.
We will do a detailed and intentional work to multiply our possibilities in lifts with spiral additions, carefully dosing tone and effort.

Together, we will study compatibility of trajectories with a partner and in a group. We will be finding and losing each other through spirals. We will practice CI in relationship to the composition of the space, time, and place. We’ll work with attention, understanding the principles of movement. We will be developing our capacity to be clear in chaos and spontaneous in a clear framework of a particular form.

The very first relationship of a child with the world starts with an embrace.
The cleanest entrance into dance happens as an embrace, making peace with one’s thoughts, body limitations and fears.
We will embrace ourselves and expand the territory of our movement, trajectories of our dance and our perception of ourselves.

Sa 29 July 2023, 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-17.30
Su 30 July 2023, 10.00-13.00 and 14.30-16.30
pre-workshop class/lab: Th 27 July, see „Wunsch-Klasse/Lab“
jam: Sa 28 July 2023, 19:00
place: Tanz-Zentrale, Studio 1
costs: 120€ – 180€
registration: mail to matthias@contactimpro-leipzig.de

Organized in cooperation
Matthias, Ingo, Lotte & Anjelika

Anjelika Doniy

Anjelika Doniy is a dance improviser, choreographer and teacher focused on contact.
She taught over 200 workshops all over the world for all levels from complete beginners to professional dancers. Her teaching is rooted in many years of work of acquiring and transmitting technical skills and equally long path of meditation and mindfulness practice. She blends them into a life dance, contact improvisation.
Here you can read more about her: https://www.lottejirka.de/teammamacontact