Points of… 17+18 june 2023

Points of…

A contact improvisation workshop

Points of concentration on this workshop:

  • Point of contact, connection to other organisms
  • Movement of the point of contact, on the surface of the dancers and in the space
  • Physical support
  • How to stay and move on support, low, and higher levels.
  • Articulating ourselves, a movement
  • Articulating the forces of gravity, support and momentum, through ourselves and the dance

We will move, learn, think and have fun doing so.
Open to all levels!

When: 17th and 18th of June 2023. From 11-18 with 1 hour lunch break.
Where: Razufa, Dürrenbergerstr.5 HH, 04177 Leipzig
Price: Sliding scale 100€ – 200€

Sign up NOW! (or before 3rd of June)
Registration Email: workshop@ainiaan.org

Who: Otto Akkanen (Helsinki) is a dancer, body worker and osteopath in Training. Otto has danced Contact Improvisation and improvisation for more than 20 years, taught CI for over 15 years and finds it still hugely interesting and inspiring. See website for videos and performances

Flyer: CI-leipzig June 23